my past is here. my very brief past. previous blog posts from the humble beginnings of lunasandwich.

close encounters with the third kind

a word war seems to be brewing between inquirer columnists manolo quezon and former supreme court justice isagani cruz, jr.>>


i don’t know why some people still keep pets when their actions clearly show they don’t really want one. >>

lethargy of the word

the past weeks since my last post i have been urging myself to write the blog entries i’ve been composing in my mind. unfortunately, they have all been kept at bay either by pressing tasks or more urgent laziness.>>

moondane thoughts

one of the things i dread the most is when my three year old daughter is looking for something – a toy, a drawing, an objectwhose specific name or exact description she can’t remember at the moment, so she has to go through the daunting task of describing it to me, an adult.>>

baguio in flux

baguio holds fond memories for me. i forged enduring friendships and even met my partner in this city that has been known as the summer capital of the philippines. i remember it offered me solace back then and even a desire to make it a second home. >>

KFC-free and liking it

it’s been more than a year since we last walked into one of colonel sander’s fried chicken stores, ordered their classic fried chicken, dipped it in warm gravy before taking a hefty bite of the crisp, juicy chicken. >>

“prayer. the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

gloria arroyo’s eyes are shut. she is down on her knees, her arms outstretched beside her in utmost surrender. >>

setec astronomy

is it good to be at the receiving end of a confidence? no matter how trivial, how embarassing, how evil, how lewd, how shocking — should it be taken as a compliment? >>

in memoriam

he drank his coffee black. no sugar. “bakla lang ang nag-aasukal“, he used to say. >>

time for a cool change

i just discovered that somebody i know decided to choose the same template for the blog she just recently created. and so i said, ok that’s my cue! >>

oops we did it again

stayed at a hotel during the lenten break. but at least we kept it at an overnight stay. the truth is, for some reason our favored destinations were fully booked. >>

caution: i’m pms

i see a curly strand of hair sticking to the bar of soap and instantly, i fume. in my mind i picture myself throwing that bar of soap to the owner of that curly hair. >>

late warning (mercury in retro in retro)

i don’t know when i started the habit of looking at a calendar every new year to see on what day the following occasions would fall: (1) my birthday; (2) christmas; (3) new year; (4) my crush’s birthday (this was like years ago. think college days) and (5) since i have my own family- their birthdays. >>

happy anniversary!

as pcij’s institutional blog celebrates its first anniversary today, i realized that i missed mine over two month’s ago. it is so embarrassing that my blog’s first anniversary is marked by, hehe, inactivity. >>

love thy neighbor (a tenant’s woes part 2)

i think my neighbor may be the quintessential kept woman. querrida. kabit. number 2. the Enemy. >>

moon over linden suites

Last Saturday’s full moon was left unnoticed as we were cooped inside a hotel room somewhere here in the city. >>

humor post

gary larson in his “prehistory of the far side” includes this cartoon in his sketchbook sampler section or his “little musings”, which he claims border more on the weird than the funny. >>

skin so (un)fair

ever since the “breakthrough” of skin whitening was introduced more than a decade ago, a massive campaign akin to a witch hunt has been launched against all things dark and unbeautiful. >>

mercury warning (not about fish)

it’s that time of year again, when the realm of Morpheus has never been more enticing and blissful. >>

a tenant’s woes

in this little subdivision where we’ve resided the past four years, we are, since we moved in, outsiders. >>

full moon blogging

a few months back i was working with a doctor who fancied himself an editor, once explained to me how the word lunatic was coined, as though this was news to me. >>


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