Just a few hours before the CBCP released its statement, Lito Banayo at the Senate’s NBN-ZTE deal hearing, was explaining an “ecosystem of corruption” diagram which Romulo Neri presented to their group last December 2007. As Banayo narrated what he recalled Neri said about the different groups indicated in the diagram, I remember he mentioned Neri saying something like, “She has the bishops.” (referring to GMA and why calls for people power would not come from the Church or something to that effect).

After eagerly awaiting if the bishops would finally join most protesters’ call for Gloria Arroyo’s resignation, many were understandably disappointed, others even incensed and dismayed that the CBCP once again (in July 2005 the group also refused to join the calls for resignation during the height of the “Hello Garci” tapes) decided to choose such a bland stand (ayan nag rhyme pa). Unfortunately, it appears the Church leaders still think they can trust Arroyo to lead a fight against herself.

While for sure the defenders of greed and corruption will be quick to use the bishops’ statement as leverage, people should still resist the urge to label the bishops as in cohorts with the enemy. People who believe that GMA must go should not be disheartened. Maybe this time there would be much more meaning when it is the people who convince the Church’s leadership when it is time for evil leaders to go than vice-versa.

People seem to be coming to a decision on their own, anyway.

The power is really with the people.

* * *

Kudos to Studio 23 for deciding to air yesterday’s Senate hearing (rather belatedly lang nga, starting after lunch pa ata). A big “Boo!” to other major networks: GMA 7, QTV 11, ABS-CBN 2, ABC 5, who deemed their regular programming of cartoons, Koreanovelas, afternoon soaps and sports events replays more important than the people’s right to know. That’s public service for ya.