In my daily commute to fetch K from school, taxi drivers have been engaging me in conversation about recent events, particularly Jun Lozada‘s testimony at the Senate’s NBN-ZTE Deal hearings. I guess one reason is my destination. When they learn I am bound for the UP Diliman campus, it almost always triggers questions like, “Ano hong tingin nyo dun sa sinabi ni Lozada?” or “Di po ba nagbigay na ng stand ang UP, Ateneo at La Salle?”

I take this as a good sign, of the keen interest of the people to know how others feel or think about the issue. What has really struck me though is the disenchantment and shared distrust for almost all people in government. This morning the taxi driver I talked to posed this question to me (which I think is what most people are also asking): “Sino ipapalit natin sa kanya? (referring to Gloria Arroyo)” For a second I wanted to quote Conrad de Quiros who said in his column today:

A dog is an alternative to Arroyo. At least it is loyal, at least it is cute.

It seems the enormity of the problem — graft and corruption (which does not end with Arroyo’s removal from office) and the deeply rooted social malaise — is not lost on the people. Sadly, while the problem has long been identified, at the moment, people still seem to be at loss on what to do.