January 2008


In what could be an auspicious way of greeting the coming Chinese new year, on the same day we caught our first bubwit (on average, I think we catch 2 -3 a year), Curlytop brought home this stuffed rat and its litter. While as toys they may look cute, in reality rats simply repulse most of us.

You’d think that being born on a rat year I’d have a bit more affection for the creatures. That has never been the case for me. Rats of all shapes and sizes will never fail to get a shriek out of me. And the sight of one clearly unnerves me. I’m glad that in recent years we have only encountered an occasional mouse, and one that can be easily caught in glue traps. Just like this one-

daga1.jpg Although I actually dread this part as much as seeing them scurrying around.

I’m still grateful though, that somehow no sewer rat has managed to find it’s way in the neighborhood (I hope). Or if one exists, surely the stray cats (Ser included) would deal with it.


Mercury. Quicksilver. Liquid silver. While enchanting to behold — shimmery, shiny and “magically” disappearing when held between your fingers — it can be deadly too.

Read more about the mercury problem and what the Philippine health care sector is doing to address it as the PCIJ’s iReport concludes its Power and Poisons series.