Today I can breathe a huge sigh of relief as I put the final touches on a task which took nearly three months to finish. This is probably the hardest endeavor I had to accomplish this year. Much of the difficulty, I’m quite embarrassed to admit, comes from several days – even weeks – of inactivity. I had been, during that period, no different from this lazy feline –


Btw, this is our cat, this is not our cat. This stray cat that Curlytop named Ser, has found shelter at night or during lazy hours of the day in our home. Or it could be, that we humans have found his shelter which Ser so graciously allowed us to inhabit. Nearly two years of living together haven’t endeared us to Ser. Most times we are regarded with varying degrees of contempt, condescension (This silly humans) or treated with outright indifference.

Our pleasant greetings of, “Hi, Ser!” are never answered with any semblance of being heard or our presence acknowledged. Even repeatedly calling him, “Ser! Ser! SER!” will surely fall on deaf cat ears. Ser will simply continue what he is doing like licking himself, looking the other way, or keeping his eyes shut until we tire of trying to get his attention and simply leave. Rejected once again. By a cat!


Our frustration and dejection from this cat’s oooh so annoying behavior sometimes tempts us to maybe fling something at him — like an old slipper — but we can never quite bring ourselves to do anything more than cast angry glances at Ser. Our eldest child tells me Ser has some mysterious power that holds us back. I tell her, no, kindness stays our hands. Darn.