Definitely a “feel better” movie.

Watching this film from my “sickcouch” really did make me feel better. I even started wondering if this version of the film is even half as engaging as the book it was adapted from, which I regret not having read yet (having read, instead, Sense and Sensibility). Finally I can understand why Meg Ryan’s Kathleen Kelly character was so hooked to this classic tale. I just loved the subtleties and all the attempts at restraint in this movie especially between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I do agree when Kathleen Kelly said you could get lost in the words. How often do you hear a man profess of love, which he feels most ardently? (as Mr. Darcy did) But maybe it’s just me. And my peculiar penchant for stories like these. Or maybe I am just simply quite a sucker for romance.