On the day Erap was pardoned, I was so incensed with yet another (not surprising) political move for survival by Arroyo, I went and left a comment about a post on chessa in a food blog I frequent.

Just this week, an open letter to GMA from concerned Nagueños was published in the Phil. Daily Inquirer concerning the city’s deteriorating peace and order situation. I took this piece of news with much alarm and sadness. Not only because Curlytop is currently there but because we have been to Naga City and simply loved the place. Much of our fondness stemmed from the feeling of security we got all throughout our stay. That criminal elements are being allowed and in fact, seem to be protected by a dubiously-appointed chief of police filled me with much disgust, I talked to Curlytop if maybe we should consider purchasing a fresh fir tree that S&R will start selling sometime this month. I got this “news flash” from the same food blog I mentioned earlier.

Something is wrong with me.

I know it’s not apathy that makes me turn to this food blog and others like it. In fact, it may very well be too much concern for the sordid events taking place in our society that pushes me to blogs that allow me to forget, temporarily, how seemingly “trivial” stuff can help you get through the day and remind you that, sigh, there are still good things around us.