October 2007

Why is it that some people who work under a high-ranking official think that by professional affiliation, they are as important as the boss they work for? Take this little experience of mine as an example:

I wrote a letter addressed to the director of a hospital to approve my request for some documents from one of the hospital’s committees which is headed by another doctor. The letter was addressed to the director, with an “Attn:” to the head of the committee where the documents would come from. Unfortunately, I made the (simple) mistake of writing the other doctor’s name, not the director’s, at the start of the letter. So instead of Dear Director, I wrote Dear Other Doctor.

For some reason, the office staff who I assume is probably the director’s assistant or secretary found this too much of an offense that she thought she had the right to berate first the person who sent the fax for me, then later ako na mismo when I called to confirm if the fax was received. Granted that there was a mistake, surely she could have easily just asked me to resend it with the “proper” recipients in place? The way she was making a big fuss about it went this way: “E kasi naka address kay Director tapos nakalagay Dear Other Doctor, e kanino ko ba talaga ito ibibigay?” Wait, now that I am writing this I think I finally understand. This poor woman, when faced with my letter, brought upon her too much of a conundrum that she just blew her top. Who should indeed she forward the letter to- Director or Other Doctor? It must’ve been too much for her. The agonizing ordeal she went through— figuring out which doctor ought to receive the letter. Tsk, tsk. I have done this woman a tremendous wrong. This post should be rightfully hers pala.

Oh well.



While this Woody Allen movie sure got a beating from critics, Curlytop and I simply enjoyed this movie for what it is – a mindless, funny piece of entertainment. Seriously, critics can be really harsh sometimes. Woody Allen’s stuttering, mumbling humor still works for me.

Barely into the third and final mercury retrograde for this year and already I am steeped in all sorts of delays which this retrograde is known for. I am also inexplicably drawn to the tremendous amount of files we have accumulated, gathering dust at a corner in our house. I’m tempted to sit right beside it and sort through each file and pass judgment on the ones that should be bound for the next waste trading market. Normally such urges are easy to ignore but not during mercury retrogrades, where cosmic forces are compelling you to slow down and focus on the stuff you usually ignore (which is the reason why they pile up and gather dust).

* * *

Dust and cobwebs are as much part of our home’s decor, being the kind of people that we are — busy, that is. When asked to clean the house, Curlytop would even shamelessly proclaim, “kakawalis ko lang nung isang linggo.” But during retrogrades the house somehow gets into some semblance of order and cleanliness. Even Curlytop, who must often be coerced, just gets the broom one day and starts cleaning voluntarily. So if a mercury retrograde occurs three times in a year, it would be safe to say that our house, at the very least, gets a thorough cleaning thrice a year.

* * *

They say despite being wired and having access to all types of connectivity, people still find it hard to keep in touch. Often, we’re rushing and rarely find the time to just sit and talk. I’m glad there’s the retrograde where that precious time is found, and I get to talk — leisurely — with friends and family.

* * *

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