So this is our “changed” man.

Last April, FG Mike Arroyo went through what was described as a life-threatening open heart surgery. After surviving the critical post-surgery period and being discharged weeks later with a large chance of fully recovering, Mike Arroyo instructs his lawyers to withdraw the libel suits he filed against more than 40 journalists. In his statement, Mike Arroyo said,

“I am determined to keep in touch with the God that has been magnanimous to me, and let His spirit of generosity steer me through any future conflicts…”

He may claim going through a life-altering experience, but it seems Mike A. is being haunted by old ghosts. In recent developments involving the anomalous NBN deal, the latest being today’s revelation by JDV’s son that the “mystery man” who told him to “back off” is no other than FG Arroyo himself. Perceived as an act of guilt, FG was spotted late last night as he slipped out of the country just as the Senate investigation on the ZTE deal started today.

I am just reminded of how, during the time he went under the knife until the critical period where his life was still in danger, even his harshest critics could only say that they wish him well and will pray for his recovery. I just wonder why when faced with an utterly despicable person, civility still dictates that we cannot wish him ill? Why is that?

* * *

(Update) Denials from the Arroyo, Abalos camps-

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