“…is man entering a new gateway to evolution?Is he finally standing at the threshold of true human potential?”

These words were uttered by Mohinder Suresh, one of the characters in the tv series, Heroes. I thought about this while reading the latest installment of the series on Filipino women by the PCIJ’s i Report. The essay, I am Woe, Man, is a recount by the lone male at the PCIJ of his unenviable experience of being surrounded by females 24/7. Certainly not your typical macho man or even Neanderthal who still exists in our midst, the writer is at ease with the women achievers who surround him at work and the pushy ones who, for sure, adore him at home.

We can only hope that this is the next step in the male evolution.

Often though, when we meet or hear about sensitive males like this one, they are almost always taken.