We’ve become a nation too easily slighted, unfortunately by views na minsan totoo din naman. I feel sorry for malu fernandez for not knowing better. But it seems she has taken her humble pie even if she chokes on it. One thing I deplore is the call for a public apology when in fact what the “mob” was clamoring for was a public humiliation. And for some, even that didn’t seem enough. In one blog the author even recounted how her family (husband and children) dug into their meal with “more zest upon hearing about Fernandez’s more subdued apology and resignation.” Then adds, “I didn’t realize, until tonight, that my family’s been asking for this as much as I’ve been.” I find it sad that children get involved in such displays of (misplaced) anger and hate.

If we can summon outrage over a “socialite’s” snobbish behavior, then how come we keep silent about matters that hound our country even more —like corruption, the extra judicial killings, the declining state of education, unemployment, poverty— the very factors that contribute to the growing number of OFWs. If only that outrage could be channeled into making our public officials more accountable, I’m certain it would move our country forward by leaps and bounds.