I have been avoiding reading the papers and watching the newscasts these past few days and this morning I went against my better judgment and browsed through my regular news sites. This article from, ABS-CBN News caught my eye: Go bets in last-ditch effort to reunite. Although everything the article mentioned wasn’t news to me, since last night after coming home from a meeting with different media practitioners, Curlytop had told me how this had been talked about during their quite informal gathering. But reading it on print really made me sick to my stomach. Up until I had begun reading this piece of news my coffee was sweet, and as I read on it had slowly turned more and more bitter.

I don’t know why I am even surprised, this is the Philippines after all. Maybe I actually thought better of some of the characters mentioned. But as most political analysts have said, everything is about 2010 now, especially with several presidentiables in the Senate. Well maybe we can give these guys/gal credit for thinking – or hoping – that there will actually be elections in 2010. As Conrad de Quiros said in his column, “The girl who cried wolf”, to wannabes Villar, Legarda and Roxas: “Stop dreaming. When GMA talks of leaving a lasting legacy, she means herself.”