Little Kid started preschool this year.

What I initially feared as boring, staring into space, what am I going to do with myself while waiting for her two and a half hour class to end? time has become a much-anticipated, most promising, two and a half hours daily routine for me.

At first I worried about all the work I could have accomplished within that time, but then it struck me: Little Kid’s preschool is in UP. How can you be bored in UP?

Early this year I have been secretly complaining about not having enough time for myself, for my personal pursuits. And then this opportunity came and I almost didn’t recognize it. Now I could choose from:

  • getting a lot of reading done
  • exercise (walk, jog or swim)
  • watch movies on our portable dvd player
  • do volunteer work
  • meet up with friends who wouldn’t mind meeting up that early or friends who don’t have to be at work that early.

Lately, it even seems that time is too short. During the first week of school, I decided to go to the nearest library. I had almost forgotten the experience of reading the newspaper (from reading it online most of the time) along with the accompanying smell of newsprint. These are little things that I’m glad I have the time once again to be reacquainted with.