Love South Park but (sometimes) cringe at the profanity? Well a website lets you make your own South Park avatar minus the vulgarities — which is probably what made the show popular. My friend discovered this site and I’m glad she shared it with me. Now I have spent most of the afternoon creating different kinds of avatars (for all occasions, different moods, and changing seasons). Of course that means almost a whole afternoon of snickering and laughing to myself and getting little work done.

cartman.gifCalled the South Park Studio, you can spend hours toying with the different hairstyles alone. Surprisingly, there are no plus-sizes, no Eric Cartman silhouttes, so apparently, you can’t mess with Cartman.

And this is avatar me:


Later when the kids joined me, i had become:


The downside is, you can’t directly “save” your avatar by simply right-clicking it. You have to “save” the whole screen by pressing Alt+Printscreen (or Prt Scr) on your keyboard. Then you paste and crop your avatar on Photoshop. The site provides instructions for this.

A sneak-peek of the site: