I must admit, despite regularly reminding my two daughters not to pick flowers, it’s still always a delight to receive a bunch of cut flowers from time to time.

Curlytop came home last Sunday with quite a big bouquet and some coffee cakes from a bakeshop. I was the one to open the gate for him and immediately saw the flowers as he stepped out of the cab. “This is bad,” I told him, smiling. “Happy Mother’s day!” said Curly, smiling. I took a few moments to just admire the flowers. Then we called the kids to take a look. The big white one in the middle was the eye-catcher and it was also very fragrant. Of course Curlytop forgot its name.

flower_arrangements_mom.jpg Out of the big bunch I was able to make three separate arrangements. The big white flower I placed in a teapot along with the other mums. How cute right? Mums on Mom’s day. The rest of the mums along with the colored talahib I gathered in another container. That would be the one on the left, in the pink drinking glass. The three roses I also put together in another tall drinking glass with the leftover baby’s breath and other weeds that came along with the whole bunch.

Three separate arrangements from one bouquet. That’s not so bad, I guess.

Unfortunately, that’s also a lot of plants cut.