While searching for the real identity of our gumamela’s resident sucker, we came across this cool site for buggers.

You know, bug-enthusiasts, insect-aficionados, Entomology fans?


The page shown above is the “Bug Love” page, where invertebrae-voyeurs can get their fill on insect sex. Or not.

what’s that bug? provides answers to “what’s bugging you?” questions. Yes, literally of course. It’s an interesting and informative resource site on bugs with really great photos. True to its “what’s that bug?” name, readers can send their photos of creepy crawlers for the site’s “bug expert/s” to identify. Better to know your bug before you squish it. Quite contrary to what the site’s owner/s intend. The site in fact, gives a better understanding of what those little “pests” are — friend or foe — and how best to deal with them. Which doesn’t necessarily mean a can of chemical spray.

Here are a few more interesting pics from the site:

leafhopper.jpg Scarlet and Green Leafhopper

katydid_nymph_australia.jpg Katydid Nymph

lacewing_larva_aphids1.jpg Aphid Wolf attacking Ant Cows

* * *

While going through the different photos, I don’t recall encountering any cockroach pic. Not that I’d want to see one. And then I realized why there seems to be no coachroach pictures there. Cockroaches, they’re not bugs. They’re aliens.