Was all set to blog about a pest that has been sucking the life out of our beloved gumamela (hibiscus) when i saw this in the Inquirer.net – “Salonga sees Marcos in Arroyo, Ver in Esperon”.

It’s too disturbing to be ignored and although I do value our plants and dealing with nasty pests that destroy it, there are pests in our midst that have to be faced and talked about first. What Salonga said in his open letter to Gloria Arroyo was an affirmation of what has been disturbing me for some time now. Earlier, Curly-top and I were talking about it over our morning coffee- how Gloria Arroyo had simply lost control over the AFP, and could really do nothing about keeping them in line. A scary thought, because really, if the military turns against her and stage a coup, who’d want to rally behind GMA? Although getting rid of her would be most welcome, these top military people, if they do it, are far from being the good guys.

In the news article, Salonga said through an open letter to Mrs. Arroyo that

“the ordering of checkpoints was what [the dictator Ferdinand] Marcos also ordered in the 1969 elections, described by Newsweek (Nov. 24, 1969) and Time (Feb. 16, 1970) as the dirtiest, most violent and most corrupt in modern Filipino history.”

Included in Salonga’s open letter were recommendations to Arroyo on how to “regain the people’s trust and confidence at this crucial hour.” Some of these steps pertained to AFP Chief Hermogenes Esperon, who he likened to Marcos’s Gen. Fabian Ver.

Salonga said Ms Arroyo should also deal with the purported public distrust of AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon who, he pointed out, had been “linked to the dishonest elections in southern Mindanao.”

He said that while he held “no personal grudge” against Esperon, the latter was shown in surveys, “whether correct or not,” to have the lowest rating among Ms Arroyo’s allies and subordinates.

“We recall a similar figure during the last days of Marcos before EDSA I — Chief of Staff Gen. Fabian Ver. As commander in chief of the AFP, there is a lot you can do to avert a similar upheaval. We respectfully urge you to do so as soon as possible,” Salonga told Ms Arroyo.

Here’s a photo of AFP Chief Esperon:


and here is a photo of the late Gen. Fabian Ver:


I guess whatever physical resemblance they have doesn’t end there. It’s very disconcerting but I’m glad Sen. Salonga said it.

* * *

In the same article, Archbishop Oscar Cruz was also quoted as saying-

that the President had been relegated to making “oral protestations” and ordering “ceremonial investigations.” “More than the national leadership telling the AFP and the Philippine National Police what to do, she simply accepts what they do,”

Curly-top said something like that too. It’s really scary. I wonder if Mrs. Arroyo is just as scared.