Earth Day came and went, and I wonder how much difference the events and festivities really made on most people. The Lung Center of the Philippines together with the DENR organized what seemed to be a flurry of interesting activities topped by a free concert, a poster-making contest, free testing of vehicle emissions, alternative fuels demo, an exhibit on the effects of air pollution and the regular Sunday or Sidcor Market (Read Mike Tan’s Pinoy Kasi article on this or see pics by

earth day at lung center phils.As soon as we arrived, i knew it was going to be a let down. Unlike what i expected, the place wasn’t bustling with activity. There was no long cue of vehicles for the free emissions-test. No kids busy painting away their entries or if it was finished, posters displayed for judging. Even the market seemed to be missing it’s usual patrons. At this point though, i have to admit that we did arrive rather late- just before noon. So maybe, it was just me. After we were done buying our produce, we went over to where the concert was being held. Unfortunately the concert didn’t seem to gather much of a crowd, and the booths in the area featured the usual tiangge stuff – with one booth selling bio-fuel. The artist on stage, after finishing a James Taylor song apologized to the crowd- he wasn’t used to waking so early on a Sunday (it was past noon), he said, but since it was Earth Day, “Yeah! Earth Day!” he shouts to the crowd. I guess that’s it. We took our cue and headed home.

Interesting trivia though: for an Earth Day event, the organizers- in this case the DENR, no less – didn’t even provide separate trash receptacles for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.