this morning i got a text message from my sister who was taking an exam (why she is allowed to use her cellphone during an exam deserves a completely new post in the future). she asked for an example of a computer’s operating system and a non-operating system. ever the non-techie, and unsure of my answer, i passed on the question to Curly-top. the not-so-surprising wisecrack i got as a reply, “Windows is an operating system, and a non-operating system.”

Touché, Bill Gates would utter somewhere.

Windows users lament all the time about being plagued by bugs and viruses but still stick to it anyway as if there are no alternatives. unfortunately i am not referring to Mac (although i wish i were, from personal experience). Linux and other Unix-based systems have consistently been generating rave reviews, where security is concerned, mostly. and the fact that it is free, most of the time.

i came across this article, Why a Unix-based system from digg, which lists not a few advantages from such systems. unfortunately though, it also sites a few reasons why it is still not an option for most Windows users. one, is if you are a hardcore gamer (which i am not). and two, is if you are part of the printing industry (which i am). for the former, most popular games are still made for the Microsoft system only. and for the latter, the writer simply puts it this way, “The graphics-to-print technology has methods such as CMYK and Pantone color matching which are heavily patented, the patents are licensed only to Adobe, and Adobe isn’t porting Photoshop anywhere near a GNU system. That’s that.”

as for my cheating sister, who was spared from the wisecrack and failed to get any assistance or an accomplice, got her answers when her test results arrived.