if you’ve got the hots for history, then you are sure to welcome Google‘s latest service, Google News Archive — a new web-based tool that will allow users to literally go back in time, well for at least 200 years back, “and explore history as it unfolded” according to a Google engineer.

this new search tool is highly recommended for leaders like george w. bush and gloria arroyo who seem to have forgotten a lot of their history. a must too for Filipinos who have quite an annoying habit of forgetting mistakes and lessons learned from the past, which is why, as the google news archives will show, our history is repeating itself.

* * *

but a remote town in bohol, that is provided with only four hours of electricity every evening by a gas-powered generator, can still enjoy much of what Google and the world wide web has to offer through its solar-powered wireless internet access.

cabuyao national highschool in bohol is the proud recipient of two german institutions’ project to create the country’s first wireless independent-powered high school computer laboratory. now we can be assured that the students of this town, will now be able to learn their lessons from history.