from the diary of a disgruntled angel

dear boss charlie,

i am down with a bad case of disillusionment today. i’ve got a temperature of 101 degrees of feeling betrayed, duped and taken advantage of, all because of the CAUSE. i will be unable to work today and maybe the next few days after or until this feeling of nausea at the mere sight of you has subsided.

i know you will appear sympathetic but will nevertheless decide to email me more work that needs to be done. and as my condition worsens you will suggest remedies disguised as tonics to make me feel better, but with the intent of making me just well enough to get up and open my email and work.

you will tell me to take it easy every time you check on me. you will insist that i should rest, but not after subtly reminding me of deadlines.

my head is pounding, i will have to end this. see you on monday.