i feel sorry, really, for elmer jacinto, last year’s medical board topnotcher, who opted to take the nursing route to success and greener pastures, only to be duped by a recruiter who failed to deliver its promised great american dream.

jacinto is now part of the group of nurses who filed charges against Sentosa Recruitment Agency for alleged non-payment of promised salary rates. the POEA reportedly suspended Sentosa based on these charges but was said to have reversed its decision after being allegedly influenced by a cabinet secretary.

indeed, i feel sorry, really, for elmer jacinto. he may be one of our bright ones who’s causing the brain drain in this country. he may be contributing to the increasing number of people who are deprived of proper medical attention because there are just not enough competent medical professionals to go around. if he had been one of the mediocre ones, then surely no one would really mind. let them go. but unfortunately it seems, he was good, had the potential, and invariably knew what he wanted. then perhaps he got what he deserved. and i’m not really sorry that he did.