September 2006

it wasn’t my computer, wasn’t my broadband connection, wasn’t even the power supply. it was me. down with the flu for almost a week. faced with numerous deadlines, my body coped with the stress in the only way it knew how: it got sick.

virus for some reason, seem to have an uncanny ability to know just when your defenses are down. then they attack. and you have no idea what’s about to hit you.

sunday evening out of the blue, i started sneezing and moments later felt like i was about to have a bad cold. only it didn’t stop from being a bad cold. in a few hours i had started to feel chills and a dreaded feeling that things were about to go worse. the next half hour, my muscles and joints started to ache, and my head began to throb. my body was officially at war with the virus. i braced myself for the long haul ahead.

monday morning i woke up at the sound of moaning — my moaning. my joints were killing me. everything was aching like hell. the day passed with me just spending most of the day asleep in bed. i had no idea which side was winning. i wish i knew what the casualty count was.

i geared myself tuesday morning for an acupuncture treatment. just as i was getting ready to leave, i got an asthma attack. and as luck would have it, my medication had run out. while my partner left to buy me medicine, i did some deep breathing exercises, kept drinking water and checked if my nails had not started to turn dark for lack of oxygen. after what seemed like an eternity, my meds arrived and like the salbutamol junkie that i am, i eagerly grabbed my ventolin then took a long drag. instant relief.

with a bit of willpower i got to the clinic where i would get my acupuncture treatment. i felt as miserable as i looked. i arrived at the clinic almost around lunchtime. the receptionist initially told me i’d have to wait for almost an hour before getting treatment but fortunately my clinician saw me in my desperate, pathetic state with the words “heal me” written all over my face, and decided to take me in immediately for treatment. ten needles in all — six on my back and two each on the back of my hands. it was a quick half hour and before i knew it, the needles were removed and i was sent home, with visibly no improvement but with a renewed hope that recovery would come soon.

it didn’t. i spent two more days feeling weak with very little to almost no improvement. could it be that acupuncture failed me?

then friday morning i woke up feeling much better. the homeopathic medicines were in full force and i almost felt normal, just enough to bring myself to sit in front of the computer, check my mail and allow myself to be (slightly) bothered by the work that had accumulated from my absence. i had no desire to rush back to work though, which by that time had doubled. i knew there was no point trying to push my mind and body to do something it obviously was trying to avoid at all costs. my body had found a way to get some of the respite it needed (though one i did not enjoy) — along with a good excuse — to get away from it all.


if you’ve got the hots for history, then you are sure to welcome Google‘s latest service, Google News Archive — a new web-based tool that will allow users to literally go back in time, well for at least 200 years back, “and explore history as it unfolded” according to a Google engineer.

this new search tool is highly recommended for leaders like george w. bush and gloria arroyo who seem to have forgotten a lot of their history. a must too for Filipinos who have quite an annoying habit of forgetting mistakes and lessons learned from the past, which is why, as the google news archives will show, our history is repeating itself.

* * *

but a remote town in bohol, that is provided with only four hours of electricity every evening by a gas-powered generator, can still enjoy much of what Google and the world wide web has to offer through its solar-powered wireless internet access.

cabuyao national highschool in bohol is the proud recipient of two german institutions’ project to create the country’s first wireless independent-powered high school computer laboratory. now we can be assured that the students of this town, will now be able to learn their lessons from history.

from the diary of a disgruntled angel

dear boss charlie,

i am down with a bad case of disillusionment today. i’ve got a temperature of 101 degrees of feeling betrayed, duped and taken advantage of, all because of the CAUSE. i will be unable to work today and maybe the next few days after or until this feeling of nausea at the mere sight of you has subsided.

i know you will appear sympathetic but will nevertheless decide to email me more work that needs to be done. and as my condition worsens you will suggest remedies disguised as tonics to make me feel better, but with the intent of making me just well enough to get up and open my email and work.

you will tell me to take it easy every time you check on me. you will insist that i should rest, but not after subtly reminding me of deadlines.

my head is pounding, i will have to end this. see you on monday.

the news last night featured some residents in nueva valencia, guimaras who had to evacuate their coastal villages because of the recent oil spill. they were getting bored, the news said. some were pining for their homes where they could at least do their domestic chores. although not lacking in a regular supply of relief goods which consisted of rice and canned food, one resident, a middle-aged man, had this to say though, “marami ngang pagkain, pero wala namang shampoo. (there’s plenty of food, but they don’t give us shampoo).”

i guess some things you can’t do without.

i feel sorry, really, for elmer jacinto, last year’s medical board topnotcher, who opted to take the nursing route to success and greener pastures, only to be duped by a recruiter who failed to deliver its promised great american dream.

jacinto is now part of the group of nurses who filed charges against Sentosa Recruitment Agency for alleged non-payment of promised salary rates. the POEA reportedly suspended Sentosa based on these charges but was said to have reversed its decision after being allegedly influenced by a cabinet secretary.

indeed, i feel sorry, really, for elmer jacinto. he may be one of our bright ones who’s causing the brain drain in this country. he may be contributing to the increasing number of people who are deprived of proper medical attention because there are just not enough competent medical professionals to go around. if he had been one of the mediocre ones, then surely no one would really mind. let them go. but unfortunately it seems, he was good, had the potential, and invariably knew what he wanted. then perhaps he got what he deserved. and i’m not really sorry that he did.

the language is pink and the stories as colorful as the rainbow. it will tickle and confuse you at the same time. words like witchelles, shinornong, ispluk, itekla, shuhimek, mimosa, maborlog, lumafuk, purita gonzales, doonchinabelles, warla — leaves one unfamiliar with the lingo constantly guessing and getting a good chuckle once the meaning is figured out.

it’s quite an amusing read for those who want to catch up and get an update on gay talk. quite an insightful peek too on the life and (multiple) loves of gay people. perfect too perhaps, for gays still lurking in the closet, to find kindred they can relate to and to experience a gay life vicariously.

click here to meet badinggerzie.

today like everyday, i logged into my yahoo messenger account as “invisible to everyone”. even to friends. i wonder, why is that? could it be that i’m the only one who does that?

strange how all the connectivity and being wired has only led to an increasing antisocial behavior for me. by letting people know that i have ym, i am simply conforming to a demand to be connected. keeping myself “invisible” though, allows me my freedom to be dis-connected.

that’s just my kind of thing. or like a grouchy green ogre once said, “i like my privacy.”